How to Factory Reset an Android Phone or Tablet


How to Factory Reset an Android Phone or Tablet:  We have mentioned each and every step below to Factory Reset an Android Phone or Tablet. Factory resetting an Android Device means to reset your device to the stock settings, which will restore your Device to the factory state i.e. how it came out “fresh out of the box”.

As with every other Device OS, Android gives you the option to wipe your phone or tablet within the settings menu. So, if you want to factory reset your Android device, just follow any 1 of the three simple methods below.

Ensure you have any important data backed up before doing a reset. Your second step is going to be to find where your factory reset is in your phone or tablet’s settings. On stock Android, it will be listed near the Accounts group in your settings menu, which you can see below.

If your smartphone or tablet has expandable storage, the menu may ask if you’d like to wipe the external memory card. This completely up to you, but is completely unnecessary to the wiping process.

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How To Reset Your Phone When It Is Locked

First Turn your Android phone or tablet Off

Now Press and hold the Volume up button and the Power button.

Now use the Volume down button to select “Recovery mode.” option.

After that you will see an image of an Android robot with a red exclamation mark.

Press and hold down the Power button along with Volume up button and then release it.

Use the volume buttons again to navigate to “wipe data/factory reset” option.

Then press the Power button to select that option.

Now Scroll down to “Yes-erase all user date” and press the Power button again.

Wait a few minutes and it will completely delete all your phones data and will reset it.


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