Get Back Warranty After Rooting


This guide shows a simple step by step procedure to get your warranty back after rooting/Custom Rom on you device.When you root an Android smartphone, it allows you to work as the administrator of the Android phone. But this cool thing comes with a major drawback that is this voids your warranty.
we are here with a guide How to get back warranty after rooting. Without wasting any more time let’s jump into the guide.

There are two method Which i am going to tell you.

Install Stock Firmware on your device
Install yourUnroot using SuperSU or Superuser app.

Install Stock Firmware on your device

Please read in more details below as to how a firmware helps you solve different types of issues. And that includes downgrade too, as also going back to stock.

It could be as simple as you trying to update your device to newer build or Android version, or it could be that you are looking to fix a soft-bricked device manually as firmware helps a lot when looking for a way to unbrick a device.

Just download your Stock Firmware and install. your warranty is back
Need help? Sure let us know via comments below. ( device name , rejoin . we will arrange guide for you )

Unroot Using SuperSU or Superuser app

You have root access that means your phone have installed SuperSu SuperSU and go to Setting –> tan on Unroot.

Wait until the unrooting process done.

Uninstall Superuser app from you android phone. And also remove apps which you used for rooting.

Now you have successfully unrooted Android Phone.

That’s it.

Need help? Sure let us know via comments below.


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