How to Hide Apps in Samsung Galaxy j7 [Quick Guide]


So do you want to hide apps in samsung galaxy j7.Did you know that you can hide apps on your galaxy j7 ? You can selectively hide stock apps or completely hide all the apps you downloaded.

Here, we’ve picked our favourite Samsung Galaxy J7 tips and tricks that can help you achieve things quicker and easier, and you’ll wish you’d known about them a long time ago.

So, let’s do a quick roundup on how to Hide apps in Samsung Galaxy J7.

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How to Hide Apps in Samsung Galaxy j7

Step 1. Pinch in on the home screen

Step 2. Select Home screen settings

How to Hide Apps in Samsung Galaxy j7

Step 3. Tap on Hide apps and select the appropriate ones. Tap on Apply and you’re done.

One more tips , you can lock your apps on Your galaxy j7

This feature is a notch above the flawed hide apps feature. To enable this, go to the Advanced settings and select Lock and Mask Apps.

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