How to Turn off Touch keys Backlight on Samsung Galaxy Devices


How to Turn Off or Adjust Samsung Galaxy Device Button Lights: Here is how you can turn off or specify the timeout of the backlight of the capacitive buttons on the Samsung Galaxy phone/ tab Devices. The Samsung Galaxy phone/ tab have two light up buttons on each side of the dedicated home button, and they glow when users interact with the device and now we have a way to disable the backlight used under these keys.

By default, when you touch either of the two touch keys, both of them will be illuminated. This can be awkward when you try to reply an urgent message in a cinema.

The issue with the capacitive buttons is that it stays on for 1.5 seconds when you touch or unlock the screen. In dark, after unlocking the screen sometimes you can even locate the buttons when the capacitive button lights are off.

Lighting the touch keys may consume considerable battery and therefore it may drain your battery noticeably if the duration of illumination is too long.

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If the bright backlight annoying you at night, there is a way to turn off it in Samsung Galaxy Devices. Read on to know how to turn off capacitive touch keys backlight on Samsung Galaxy Devices.

How to Turn off Touch keys Backlight on Samsung Galaxy Devices

There are two simple method available

1 Using Saving Mode

Go to phone Settings -> select Battery option.

Select Power Saving Mode. Tap on it and enable Power Saving Mode.

Note : The Power Saving Mode will disable the touch keys backlight of your Galaxy

2 .Use third party app from the Google Play Store

Galaxy Button Light is a handy application that will allow all Samsung Galaxy Device owners to easily change the capacitive touch lights on their phone.

How to Turn off Touch keys Backlight on Samsung Galaxy Devices

You’ll be able to turn them completely off, set them to always stay on, or change the light duration.

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  1. Thanks… I tried 2. 3 method… really thanks..😆 Galaxy button app not available in India.. bt available on app in Google search 😃


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