How to Downgrade From Android Oreo to Android Nougat [Tutorial]


This tutorial is intended for those who want to Downgrade From Android Oreo To Android Nougat. We will show you where to download stock Android Nougat firmware for Your Device and how to install it on the phone with a Simple Steps.

Recently, Google rolled out Android Oreo OTA update for Various Devices. . Many users (already updated to the Android Oreo )are complaining about the network connectivity issues on their Device, especially Fingerprint.

To fix the network drops issue, right now the only solution is to downgrade your Device to Android Oreo from Android Nougat. In this guide, we show you how to downgrade From Android Oreo To Android Nougat.

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To Android Oreo to Android Nougat in your Pixel or even Nexus device, you want to install/flash the 7.1.2 Nougat Android mill image for your device. This requires you to have unlocked bootloader in your phone.

Download Stock Android Nougat firmware For Various Devices

Pixel C: Download link.

Nexus 6P: Download link.

Nexus 5X: Download link.

Nexus Player: Download link.

Downgrade Pixel XL Firmware Link:

Verizon: Download link.

T-Mobile, Fi carriers, and Rogers: Download link.

Deutsche Telekom: Download link.

International: Download link.

Downgrade Pixel Firmware Link:

Verizon: Download link

T-Mobile, Fi carriers, and Rogers: Download link

Deutsche Telekom: Download link

International: Download link 

How To Downgrade From Android Oreo To Android Nougat

Step 1. Download and install adb drivers.

Step 2. Download Android 7.1.2 ZIP file from above links.

Step 3. Unlock Bootloader of your device. (Ignore if already Unlocked)

Step 4. Paste the downloaded ZIP file to ADB folder. (C:\adb)

Step 5. Extract the saved ZIP file in the same folder (ADB folder).

Step 6. Reboot your device into Bootloader Mode. (To do that Press and hold Volume Down + Power buttons together until you see anything on screen)

How To Downgrade From Android Oreo To Android Nougat

Step 7. Connect your device to PC.

Step 8. Anywhere in the ADB folder, press “Shift + Right mouse click” and choose on “Open command window here.”

Step 9. Execute the below command to show up the connected devices

adb devices

Step 10 Flash the firmware by executing the below command


Your device will reboot automatically after successful installation.

And you are done!! We hope you may have completed downgrading from Android Oreo to Nougat on your Device following this step by step guide.


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