How to Enable Reading Mode on OnePlus 5


OnePlus 5 comes with various handy features, and one such feature is the “Reading Mode”. This guide will explain How to enable reading mode on your OnePlus 5.

If you love reading on your OnePlus 5, it is one of the greatest features that is really helpful for you. You can easily read on your Device for the additional time and this is one of the best things about OnePlus 5.

One of these additions is the ability to use both Reading Mode, which alter the colors on the display to give you a better reading experience in different situations.

This mode optimizes the display for reading, through grayscale mapping and blue light filtering. Plus, it allows you to set custom apps to open with Reading Mode enabled by default. It is a very useful feature indeed, especially if you are fond of reading on your phone.

How to enable reading mode on OnePlus 5

Reading Mode on the OnePlus 5 makes it easier to read on your device for an extended period of time and this is how you set it up.

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How to enable reading mode on OnePlus 5

Step 1. First of all, go to Settings application on your device and find “Device Section” by scrolling down.

Step 2. Simply tap on the Display button.

Step 3. You will see Reading Mode, simply tap on it.

Step 4. If you want, you can tap the toggle at the button for manually enabling reading mode.

Step 5. Next is to click on the Add Apps.

Step 6. You can now choose any or all the apps you want to use.

Step 7. After selecting the apps, click on Back button

Step 8. You can now test this feature simply by pressing the home button and launching any app you selected.

Reading mode is now enabled. I personally love using the reading mode when browsing the web.


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