Protect your Android Device from Malicious Application and How to Enable It?


Here’s a Quick and Easy Way to Protect your Android device from malicious application. Google has announced Google Play Protect for Android device.It’s a scan that is run on all apps on your device to make sure they’re safe.

Play Protect aims to bring Verify Apps to the foreground in the Play Store and make sure that all users are aware that their device’s security is being monitored.

It is a real-time malware scanner that will scan every installed or about-to-be installed app and inform users in case there’s something amiss.

 Protect your Android device from malicious application nd How to Enable or Disable It?

Google Play Protect checks apps when you download them. It also periodically scans your device. If it finds a potentially harmful app, it stops the app from running, and may:

Warn you. If an app is detected that may be harmful to your device, you’ll get a notification. To remove the app, tap Uninstall on the notification.

Remove the app automatically. In some cases, if a harmful app has been detected, you may get a notification saying the app was removed.

How to Enable Google Play Protect

Step 1.main settings app on phone,

Step 2.find the Google settings app within., then scroll to security,

Step 3. Tap Play Protect. Also, there is a new feature in playstore that includes a notice now, (after last playstore update yesterday) of Play Protect.

Step 4.  Done.


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